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About Us

ZETA Shipping & Trading is a privately-owned shipping and trading company, which was founded in 2022.

Our team consists of

  • shipping professionals &
  • traders
Our aim is to utilize Serbia’s strategic position in the western Balkans and its extensive river, road and rail network leading to neighbouring European countries.


Initially ZETA Shipping & Trading developed trading of commodities across Europe. The company has subsequently expanded into shipping, as well as in the provision of logistics and brokering/consultancy services.

It operates from Serbia and has established important partnerships with experienced regional logistics operators to optimize its in-country supply operations.

Leading Collaborations

ZETA Shipping & Trading has developed collaborations with leading trading partners for a variety of commodities.

Our advantage is based on our professional team and expertise, flexible and fast decision process, hands-on approach at any part of product supply chain and delivery till the end-consumer.

Our Expertise


ZETA Shipping & Trading is a provider of international seaborne drybulk transportation services.


Due to our strong ties with the international market we are able to offer our clients, services through our exclusive partnerships.